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Pranayam means Pran and Yam. “Pran” is nothing but the breath energy which is also the vital energy of this human system and “yam” means to control the breath in such a manner so as to have health and long life.

Indian Ancient Rishis and Yogis have described about 70 types of Pranayams in the various text books of yoga. However about 15 types of Pranayams are popular and essential for maintenance of good health and longevity.

Here in the College of Yoga located at Maharshi Ashram, Maharshi Dr.Yogi Raj is teaching the various types of Pranayams to the patients coming to the Maharshi Ashram for treatment. Maharshi ji has done research work and developed many new Pranayams, such as Bandha Pranayams, Merudand Pranayams, Breathing through the organs of the body which need healing and rejuvenation etc..