Maharshi Dr. Yogiraj, Popularly known as a Health Guru is a highly qualified man of science and medicine and yoga. He is a PhD (alt Medicine) USA, fellow WSIM (USA) , MBBS (AM) BMHS , DSC (doctorate in Alt. Medicine), Fellow IETE, Winner of mother Teresa millennium award. He is an American board certified doctor. He is the Founder & chief Faculty of Hundred year’s life club (NGO) a social service organization. He has spent considerable time with number of  yogis, Rishis, Swamis and masters from various faiths and religions, in the Himalayas. He has developed a number of new herbal formulations and several therapeutic techniques, kriyas, pranayams and innovative meditation techniques which are practiced at HYL club under his able guidance. Being a man of science, he gives scientific basis of the various kriyas, pranayams & meditation Techniques, EYB meditation Technique has been developed by him has been found to be very effective in treatment  programs.

Maharshi has been conducting programs for past many years in various organizations. He was the chairman in the 9 th international conference  on alternative medicine. Sessions on treatment of cancer & HIV Kolkata. He has lectured several times in Europe & UAS and conducted several programs in various Indian cities . he is specialist in treating chronic & difficult to cure diseases through yoga & integrated holistic medicines.

He has treated and cured practically every patient that has come to him. His mission is to find a cure for each and every health problem that exists in human beings. He says “give me any patient of any disease and I will cure him and give him the ability to live an active life of hundred years ( conditions apply)

"You also can live an active life of 100 years"

"kill that stress before it kills you"

"convert your dreams into reality" 

"Cardiac Yoga"